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Excited to announce the launch of Leadblock connect, in partnership with leading VC funds and corporates!

Leadblock partners is opening up its network to connect founders, investors, corporates and institutions interested/in web3 to support the ecosystem. these sessions are an opportunity to interact with investors, other founders on various web3 topics, get feedback on the creation/development of a web3 project, and deepen your knowledge of the sector.
Through this initiative, we wish to contribute to the emergence and development of blockchain/digital assets related projects ; as well as to federate a community of investors, in order to encourage investment in the web3 sector, at different stages of maturity.
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Our roundtables!

Roundtable #1 – Token listings’ outlook LISTEN TO THE DISCUSSION

Roundtable #2 – Building in Web3, what tools can brands and corporations use?

Roundtable #3 – From Gaming to Entertainment, how is Web3 creating a new paradigm?

Roundtable #4 – From building to scaling – how to onboard the next billion users?

Roundtable #5 – Adapting to market & regulatory shifts – perspective on institutional players

Roundtable #6 – Infra vs Product, solving the Goldilocks web3 dilemma