Direct Market

LeadBlock Partners led the €1.7mn seed round.

Direct Market is a B2B marketplace which solves the challenges of local food distribution. It enables competitive and simple local sourcing by aggregating local supply and offering an integrated ordering, invoicing and logistics solution.

The top 3 reasons why we invested are:
1. A strong team: Sébastien Pelka has worked 25+ years in food retail and with producers, Marc Dorel successfully founded and ran a B2C local product start-up
2. Demand for local, fresh and high quality food products is increasing driven by two structural consumer trends, environmental consciousness and wellness
3. Empowering local farmers through transparency: Farmers are fairly remunerated and their work is recognised. Full transparency on origin and remuneration is shared with the consumer for each product

  • B2B marketplace
  • Fully integrated one-click solution
  • Blockchain powered transparency
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